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Historical Survey

This survey is a close and possibly intrusive examination, searching for evidence of the historical development of the building. This evidence is sometimes obvious, but is often based on subtlety such as the exact type of brick and joint size, the geometric basis for the timber mouldings, or the joint types used in an oak frame.

Design Survey

This survey will usually be in a conversion scenario, or in a situation where much of the historic fabric has been lost and any addition must be inserted sympathetically.

Project Viability Survey

The client has a vision . But how can it be made a reality? This is all about making your ideas happen. Of course there are boundaries, and we can let you know what is advisable from a legal, conservation and aesthetic point of view. Then we can help you from the planning and design stage, right through to the finished product. We have carried out contracts worth from a few thousands of pounds through to several millions.


Aesthetic Design

We like things to look nice…

Structural Design

We like things to be strong and durable, but we like traditional methods too…

Joinery & Furniture Design

Often these designs are born of a need, but occasionally we just do something different.



Traditional carpentry skills used in traditional time proved ways.


From steel structure to conservation rooflights and hand forged ironmongery.


Old school groundwork and civil engineering work have been our way for over 50 years.

Masonry & Other Trades

You won’t get better Kent ragstone work from anyone other than Julian Swift.

Traditional plastering techniques such as wattle and daub, lime horsehair etc complement our appropriate use of modern methods.

Many of our authentically executed roofing jobs are still in place after many decades.

Electrical, plumbing and heating works are all carried out to the latest standards and in complete sympathy with the historical fabric of the building.