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Our Approach

Design Process

When working on a period property, especially one that has been altered and then re-altered over the decades and centuries, it is most important to have a full understanding of the building, its provenance, its history and order of alteration and also of the clients feelings on the matter. Naturally this will take time, especially considering the fact that in many cases, until work has begun, or at least until an investigative and intrusive survey has been carried out, much will remain hidden from the eye. In addition to these factors, the design process itself requires time for fermentation so that we can apply our considerable experience and skill to the task of creating a unique, functional, beautiful home with the atmospheric quality only achieved by julian swift.

Target Budget Design and Build

These considerations may apparently present some issues regarding the certainty of completing the project economically, and at the same time to the desired standard. However, these questions are resolved by setting a budget and a bench mark specification (combined in a document called the Priced Quantity) at the start of the project. This document can be amended later as the design process develops. Such amendment can generally be managed by curtailing the money spent on some less important aspect of the design and by then transferring those funds to a more deserving part.

We have been employing this system of finance control for decades now. More recently it has become recognised by the industry as the best standard for project management used on the most successful projects such as the high speed rail link. We are pleased that our chosen system is becoming acclaimed as the best way to economically achieve the desired quality and specification.